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About Me

Deana Challis, CA CMT #26677

I have been a massage therapist since 2002. I realized in massage school that this was a wonderful way to make a difference in the world. My education and degree is in Interior Architecture, but I've since focused my attention on the interior architecture of the body.

I attended massage school in Eugene, Oregon, where we had a small group with excellent faculty and instruction.

In my 21 years of practice I have helped thousands of people relax and feel better in their bodies. I also noticed that people had symptoms and issues that weren't necessarily improving, and I began exploring health and nutrition information.

I learned about the Medical Medium®, and started reading his first book. I immediately felt something click, and knew this was life-changing. It took me a couple years to start implementing his advice for my own health, and when I did, I healed my lifelong digestion issues, and about a dozen other symptoms. 

As a happy 'side effect', I went down 4 clothing sizes, and I feel fantastic! I continue to implement his information for myself, and now I am offering remote Intuitive Health Healing Sessions to help others heal, as well. 

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